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What is DTF Gang Sheet?

A DTF gang sheet revolutionizes the efficiency of garment printing by condensing multiple designs onto a single piece of film. This ingenious arrangement not only optimizes material usage but also enhances productivity within the printing process. By strategically placing designs in close proximity on the sheet, businesses can capitalize on every inch of space, ensuring that no area goes underutilized during the printing process. This consolidation of designs onto one sheet not only saves time but also minimizes material waste, a crucial aspect in sustainable production practices. Moreover, the streamlined workflow enabled by the gang sheet translates to increased output, allowing businesses to fulfill orders more quickly and efficiently, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and profitability.

Furthermore, the utilization of a DTF gang sheet signifies a shift towards more environmentally conscious printing practices. By reducing material waste and maximizing resource efficiency, businesses can significantly lessen their ecological footprint. Additionally, the ability to print multiple designs in a single run not only saves time and resources but also opens up avenues for greater creativity and customization. This flexibility in production empowers businesses to cater to diverse customer preferences and adapt swiftly to changing market demands. In essence, the adoption of gang sheets in the DTF printing process represents not only a practical solution for enhancing efficiency and productivity but also a commitment to sustainability and innovation within the garment printing industry.

Why choose Gang Sheets?

Gang sheets are favored in various industries for several reasons, offering practical advantages in printing and production processes. Here are key reasons why gang sheets are commonly used:


Gang sheets consolidate multiple designs or images onto a single sheet, optimizing material usage and reducing production costs. By printing several items simultaneously, the unit price per image or design decreases, leading to significant cost savings.

Efficiency and Productivity:

Printing multiple images simultaneously on a gang sheet streamlines production, saving time and resources. It minimizes the number of setup changes and reduces downtime between prints, resulting in increased efficiency and higher productivity.

Reduced Waste:

Maximizing the use of a single sheet, gang sheets help minimize material waste. The careful arrangement of designs on the sheet ensures minimal leftover space or unused portions, reducing environmental impact.


Using gang sheets ensures consistency in printing multiple copies of the same design. Each printed item on the sheet undergoes the same printing process, maintaining uniformity and quality across the batch.

How much do gang sheet DTF's cost?

Here are the prices for gang sheet DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing for various quantities and sizes:

  • 22x5: $1.95 each
  • 22x10: $3.90 each
  • 22x20: $7.80 each
  • 22x30: $11.70 each
  • 22x40: $15.60 each
  • 22x50: $19.50 each
  • 22x60: $23.40 each
  • 22x70: $27.30 each
  • 22x80: $31.20 each
  • 22x90: $35.10 each
  • 22x100: $39.00 each
  • 22x110: $42.90 each
  • >22x120: $46.80 each
  • 22x130: $50.70 each
  • 22x140: $54.60 each
  • 22x150: $58.50 each
  • 22x160: $62.40 each
  • 22x170: $66.30 each
  • 22x180: $70.20 each
  • 22x190: $74.10 each

Additionally, there's an option for "same day" placement at a fixed price of $30.00.

What size is a gang sheet DTF?

A gang sheet DTF (Direct-to-Film) typically comes in various sizes, but a common size is 22x inches. This size allows for multiple designs or images to be printed on a single sheet, optimizing material usage and reducing production costs.

DTF gang sheets come in various sizes depending on the needs of the printing project. Typically, wholesale custom DTF transfers are printed on gang sheets ranging from 22" x 5" to 22" x 300". The size of the gang sheet is determined by factors such as the size of the images being printed and the quantity of transfers needed. These gang sheets can accommodate full-color graphics, including photos, gradients, ombres, and other effects, and they can also incorporate white ink when necessary.

How many designs can fit on a gang sheet?

To determine how many designs can fit on a gang sheet, it depends on the size of the designs and the dimensions of the gang sheet chosen. Gang sheets are sheets with multiple logos or art files within a specific printing area. The number of designs that can fit on a gang sheet varies based on factors such as the size of the images and the chosen sheet size.

For example, on a large gang sheet, it's possible to fit around 12 images, assuming they are appropriately sized to fit within the sheet's dimensions. The number of sheets required to fulfill an order depends on the quantity of designs needed and the capacity of each sheet.

If the gang sheet size is 22 inches by 100 inches and the pictures are 3 inches each, you can calculate the number of pictures that can fit on the gang sheet by dividing the length of the gang sheet by the width of each picture.

For example:

Length of gang sheet: 100 inches

Width of each picture: 3 inches

Dividing the length of the gang sheet by the width of each picture gives:

100 inches / 3 inches = 33.33

Since you can't have a fraction of a picture, you would likely be able to fit approximately 33 pictures on the gang sheet, assuming they are arranged efficiently without wasted space.

Where can I make a gang sheet?

To create a gang sheet, there are several options available, both manual and automated. One popular option is using graphic design software like Canva. Canva provides a user-friendly interface with tools to resize, align, and position graphic files. Additionally, Canva offers a wide range of pre-made designs for those who don't have ready-to-print designs. Users can upload their transparent PNG files, resize them accordingly, and then save the design for printing.

Another method is utilizing specific applications designed for creating gang sheets, such as the DTF Gang Sheet Auto Builder or the DTF Gang Sheet Builder Application by Antigro Designer. These tools are specifically tailored for generating gang sheets automatically. Users can upload their graphics, choose the desired print size, and let the software handle the arrangement and optimization of designs on the sheet.

Furthermore, some companies offer online platforms where users can build customized gang sheets. These platforms often feature intuitive interfaces where users can upload their artwork, resize elements, remove backgrounds, and duplicate designs as needed. This approach simplifies the process and streamlines workflow for creating gang sheets.

For those seeking guidance on creating gang sheets, there are numerous tutorials available online. These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on using various software tools like Canva or specific applications tailored for gang sheet creation. They cover aspects such as determining the size of the gang sheet, adding graphic files, aligning and positioning designs, and saving the final design for printing.

Ultimately, the choice of where to make a gang sheet depends on factors such as familiarity with software tools, level of automation desired, and specific requirements for the printing project.

What type of file is needed for DTF Gang Sheet printing?

For DTF (Direct-to-Film) gang sheet printing, the preferred file type is usually PNG (Portable Network Graphics) with a transparent background. This file format allows for easy manipulation of the images on the gang sheet, as well as ensuring that only the intended design elements are printed without any unwanted backgrounds.

PNG files are widely supported by graphic design software and printing equipment used for DTF printing. They preserve transparency, which is crucial for accurately positioning and arranging designs on the gang sheet. Additionally, PNG files typically offer high-quality compression, preserving the details and clarity of the designs.

When preparing images for DTF gang sheet printing, it's essential to ensure that the designs are properly sized and positioned within the printable area of the sheet. This may involve resizing, aligning, and arranging the images using graphic design software or specialized tools for gang sheet creation.

Overall, using PNG files with transparent backgrounds ensures optimal results for DTF gang sheet printing, allowing for precise control over the layout and presentation of the designs.

DTF Gang Sheets Wholesale

At Picasso Print DTF, we offer wholesale DTF transfers gang sheets tailored to meet the needs of businesses looking to optimize their printing processes. Our gang sheets are designed to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness by consolidating multiple designs onto a single sheet. With our wholesale options, businesses can take advantage of bulk pricing, reducing their overall printing costs per unit while maintaining high-quality results. Whether you're in need of gang sheets for business cards, flyers, stickers, or other promotional materials, Picasso Print DTF provides a reliable solution to streamline your printing operations and enhance your bottom line.

With Picasso Print DTF's wholesale gang sheets, businesses can enjoy the benefits of reduced waste, improved productivity, and consistent quality across their print projects. Our gang sheets are available in various sizes to accommodate different printing needs, ensuring versatility and flexibility for a wide range of applications. Whether you're a small business looking to save on printing costs or a larger enterprise seeking efficient printing solutions, Picasso Print DTF is your trusted partner for wholesale DTF gang sheets that deliver exceptional value and performance.

How can I order DTF gang sheet from Picasso

Custom Gang Sheet DTF - Upload a Pre-Made Sheet: With this option, you can upload your own pre-made gang sheet file in PNG format. Simply visit our website, navigate to the Custom Gang Sheet DTF section, and follow the instructions to upload your file. Once uploaded, you can proceed with the order process, selecting the desired quantity, size, and any additional options.

DTF Gang Sheet Builder: Alternatively, you can use our DTF Gang Sheet Builder tool. Go to DTF Gang Sheet Builder in the link. Click on the "Create Design" button to access the Antigro interface, where you can customize your gang sheet according to your preferences. Here, customers have the flexibility to arrange multiple designs or images on a single sheet, selecting sizes, quantities, and layouts as needed. Once you're satisfied with your design, you can proceed to place your order directly through the interface.

Whichever method you choose, Picasso Print DTF is committed to providing you with a seamless ordering experience and high-quality DTF gang sheets to meet your printing needs. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions or need assistance with your order.